Sustainability and environmental protection


I care about our environment…

Today climate and environmental protection are more important than ever before. These two areas are also very important to me, which is why I gave a lot of thought to sustainability, climate protection and environmental protection when furnishing my villa.

In order to make my small personal contribution to this, I chose double-glazed panes for the windows, for example. Why? Quite simply: in summer, these panes keep most of the heat out and the cool inside, in winter the heat in the house is largely retained. This means less use of the air conditioning, which can also be used for heating. In addition, all three toilets in the villa are equipped with water-saving flushes to save water. Wherever possible, LED or solar lamps are installed.

When it comes to waste, I strictly follow the principle of waste separation and thus also make my personal contribution to environmental protection. And last but not least, you will not find any single-use plastic items in the kitchen in my villa. There is only “real” crockery and “real” cutlery here. An exception is the children’s crockery, which for safety reasons is not made of porcelain, but these are not “disposable goods” either, but of course washable and reusable children’s crockery with colorful motifs. “Tupperware” is also in the villa, but the same applies here: These items can be used again and again for many years, for decades to come.

Of course, I still have a dream to fulfill as soon as it becomes feasible for me: my own solar system on the roof, so that the wonderful Spanish sun not only pleases our spirits, but also supplies us with energy. With 300 sunny days a year, there is almost always sunshine! You will agree with me when I say that this is particularly important in times like these.

So you see, environmental protection, climate protection and sustainability are really important to me!