House Rules





(integrated part of the vacation rental agreement)


Dear holiday guests!

Thank you for choosing my holiday home!

I am from Austria. The holiday home “Villa La Paloma” is very important to me. That’s why I renovated it with a lot of love and I’m constantly investing so that I can offer my holiday guests as much comfort and coziness as possible.

Unfortunately, rules are inevitable. I would therefore like to ask you to observe the following points when you are a guest in my holiday home, so that the following guests can also feel comfortable:



The house is a non-smoking property. Smoking is prohibited in all living areas and in the bedrooms. Smoking is permitted on the terrace and outside. The ash and the cigarette butts belong in the ashtray! In the event of non-compliance and excessive soiling such as cigarette butts in the outdoor area, you will be charged for this additional work at an amount of EUR 30.—. Smoke detectors are installed in all rooms. The smoke alarms are linked to the alarm system. As soon as smoke is detected, the alarm sirens will go off. For your information ! Thank you.



The house is equipped with everything you need and lovingly furnished. You will receive a current inventory list with the contract. A bed linen and towel set per person is normally included in the rental price. Any more sets / parts required on request and can be billed separately.

It doesn’t matter if you break a glass or plate and I won’t charge you every “little thing” or deduct it from the deposit, because nobody is perfect. However, I would like to ask you to always let me know if something breaks or is heavily contaminated, as it gives us the possibility to replace things again within a short time. The tenants who arrive after you will be thankful. We ask you to report destroyed or heavily soiled mattresses, duvets, pillows and cushions to us immediately so that they can be cleaned or replaced. Please do not use duvets, living and cozy blankets in the house for your dogs. These are only intended for human house guests! If these can no longer be used because of dog hair, we have to invoice you for them! We will withhold the costs for this from your deposit! Duvets, pillows, chair or couch pads = 30, – EUR / piece, mattress = at least 200, – EUR / piece.

In summer, please keep the windows and large patio doors closed during the day so that the heat stays outside and do not run the air conditioning at the same time when the windows are open. At night we open many windows, but leave the mosquito screens down.

If it is windy, if you stay longer in the house or if you leave the villa, please fold up the parasols (especially the large one!) And secure them properly. There are often surprisingly strong winds on the Costa Blanca, in which the parasols and more can break. The large parasol costs up to EUR 1,800.– if it is damaged and a new one is necessary! The same applies to the large patio door, which could break due to the wind.

For damaged furniture, electrical appliances, etc., we calculate the replacement value and for security we keep the entire deposit for offsetting. The difference will be reimbursed after replacement. Our authorized person will check all rooms, furniture and mattresses from both sides on and after your departure. Please treat our things as if they were your property. I thank you for your care and honesty.

All furniture in the interior may not be brought outside or moved. Refurnishing is not permitted in any way.



The house is secured with an alarm system when it is not rented!



Normally the final cleaning costs are not included in the rental price. We have outsourced these services. You will receive a clean house upon arrival. The handover status is documented internally with photos. On departure we would like to ask you to hand over the holiday home swept clean. Brooms, mop and vacuum cleaners are in the house or in the laundry room.

If you have dogs with you, please make sure that all dog hair is removed and that all “legacies” of the dogs are cleared from the property. Please also do not leave perishable food in the refrigerator, clean the oven and stove and dispose of the rubbish in the rubbish bins along the street. Thank you.

Any additional work in this regard must be offset against the deposit in the amount of EUR 30.– per work incurred.



Table sets are available for all tables! Please use this and make sure that no glass or plate edges remain on the tables!

The water from the water pipes should not be used as drinking water or for making coffee or tea, as it contains a lot of chlorine and lime. It is not healthy and we do not recommend drinking it! Cooking, showering, brushing teeth and washing are harmless. We recommend using water from the supermarket for drinking and to make coffee or tea. You can buy this cheaply in 5 liter canisters!

Please do not leave any food or fresh dog food in the bowl on the floor, as it could attract ants or other vermin. It could be very uncomfortable for you and for all of us.



Please use the dishwasher at least once or twice a week, otherwise it will be damaged or become unusable.

When using the dishwasher, please ensure that there is always enough regeneration salt and rinse aid in the appropriate container! (Note the indicator lights!) You will find tabs, rinse aid and special salt in the kitchen under the sink! If these are used up, we would like to ask you to buy them in the supermarket and leave them in the holiday home for the next guests so that they can find them again!

Please do not leave perishable food in the refrigerator, clean the oven and the stove and dispose of the rubbish in the rubbish bins along the street, even at the end of your stay.



Please use ONLY TOILET PAPER on the toilet. Please do not throw paper handkerchiefs or paper from kitchen rolls or tampons and towels into the toilet! Please use the small rubbish bins in each bathroom therefore. The sewage system in Spain cannot be compared to the Central European standard and a clogged toilet could spoil your vacation or result in high claims for damages. Thank you !



Your furry friends are also very welcome after booking in advance. A dog bed made of fabric is available in the holiday home, but must always be used with a blanket. The garden is fenced and when the door behind the outside shower is closed it is relatively “escape-proof”. Nevertheless, please do not leave your dog unattended on the property or in the house and take him for a walk every few hours. We ask you to remove any leftovers in the garden immediately!


In principle, dogs do not belong on the couch, other seating furniture, deck chairs or in bed and also not in the pool! All furnishings and the mattresses are new and not every subsequent guest thinks “Jack Wolfskin-Design” is really chic. If you want to do something without your four-legged friend: A friend offers “dog sitting” for a few hours.


When you leave, please make sure that all dog hair is removed. A vacuum cleaner is available in the house. In the event of damage or excessive soiling (e.g. animal hair on seating and lounge furniture, etc.) or “dog bequests” in the garden, we reserve the right to offset it against the deposit or to issue a separate invoice for an amount of EUR 30.—.





For the cooler season the house is equipped with a interior fireplace. This may only be used on request. If necessary, the air conditioning can be used as heating, but this causes very high energy costs. However, if we find that the energy consumption is disproportionately high due to the simultaneous operation of heating and open windows / doors, we expressly reserve the right to charge electricity costs separately.

Our outdoor grill is available for BBQ. You can find charcoal for the outdoor grill and quick lighter in the supermarket.

The firewood on the property belongs to the owner! If you need wood for the fireplace, you can buy it from the wood dealer in Calpe.




Under the staircase (behind the couch – in the living room) there is a power box in the event of a malfunction.


There on the far right is a black (different) switch that interrupts the power supply for the router. If there is a fault, you can try to switch off the router with this switch, wait approx. 30 seconds and then start the power supply again. So the router should be reset. In each room there is a special WIFI socket on the wall, which should lead the WIFI signal to each room. In the event of problems, please also unplug it for a while and then plug it in again later. If there are any problems, please contact us so that we can arrange for the appropriate repair.


Use of the WIFI is at your own risk. However, it is forbidden to download any prohibited content via the house WIFI or to consume excessive amounts of data volume so that the landlord receives additional bills from the internet provider. The landlord assumes no liability for content downloaded by the tenant and expressly reserves the right to demand additional costs of the internet provider.





In the event of late departure, damage, excessive soiling (e.g. animal hair on seating and lying furniture, oven and stove that have not been cleaned) and the loss of furniture and / or household items, we expressly reserve the right to offset against the deposit or to issue a separate invoice.



Although the house is for sole use, there are a few rooms and wardrobes that are locked and not rented out, such as the technical room, the owner’s private wardrobes and the garden houses. Any damage and unauthorized access will be penalized and deducted from the deposit.




Although the house is for sole use, constant care of the property and the technical systems is a must. We therefore ask for your understanding if the pool attendant, the gardener, the plumber and other craftsmen do their work and enter the property after ringing the bell or after prior notification.



Dear holiday guests, we ask you to observe the following information on pool use:


1. Liability

Use of the pool is at your own risk. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to be in or around the pool unsupervised. Parents are responsible for their children and for accidents. We do not assume any liability here.

Head jumps and jumps from the sides into the pool are life-threatening and not permitted!


2. Times of use

Please make sure the neighbors are not disturbed and be quiet during recreation time (siesta)! For safety reasons, please do not use the pool in the dark if the outside area is not illuminated!


3. Pets

Your dogs are very welcome in our house by prior arrangement, but they are not allowed in the pool! Please be considerate of the following holiday guests who do not want to swim in your dog’s bathing water! The dog’s hair could also cause a defect in the pool technology, which is why we would have to deduct any repair costs for the damage to the pool technology from the deposit. Thank you !


4. Children

Children are of course very welcome. For children you will find some games, puzzles, books etc. in the holiday home, as well as baby equipment on request.

We’d think it would be great if the children didn’t embellish our walls and furniture with “paintings”. In every chino shop around the corner there is a lot of painting paper for little money.

As a parent, you are responsible for your children and for any damage caused by them. We do not assume any liability, not even for the use of the pool or accidents.


5. Avoiding Damages and injuries

Please only use clothing designed for swimming in the pool and take a short shower beforehand. Please make sure that your children do not throw dirt or things into the pool. We also ask you to remove any leaves, insects and similar contaminants that may accumulate over the course of a day yourself. In this way you can help us and yourself to keep the pool water clean at all times. Impurities represent an additional burden for the filter systems and lead to damage! Due to damage that has already occurred in the past, we urge you to shower particularly carefully before using the pool when using sun creams or oils. Special assignments by the pool keeper in this regard are external costs that we unfortunately have to pass on to you. Then you cannot use the pool for at least 1 day.

No dives into the pool! – the pool is not the same depth everywhere!

Please do not take any glasses or plates to the pool!!! You and all subsequent guests can be seriously injured by broken glass and splinters. If you want to take a drink by the pool, we ask you to use the appropriate plastic plates and plastic cups! Please react immediately to any broken glass and splinters and pick it up completely with a broom and shovel (beside the washing machine)!


6. Technology and maintenance

The pool maintenance is organized. The operation of the technical devices (circulation pump, etc.) and the access to the pool technical room is the sole responsibility of the house owner, the manager or the pool keeper.

If you notice that the water is becoming cloudy or has turned green, please inform your contact person immediately so that a remedy can be taken!


7. Deck chairs and cushions

Please put towels on the seats and reclining cushions. Sun oil stains are very difficult or impossible to remove. We have to offset any damage with the deposit. Chair or lounger pads = 30, – EUR / piece


8. Water consumption

In many Spanish regions, water scarcity can occur due to low rainfall. Therefore, water, including pool water, is a precious commodity. We also ask you to show a sense of responsibility when you are enjoying bathing! Thank you for paying attention and have fun swimming!


For complaints, tips, suggestions and other questions, you can contact us directly by phone, email or WhatsApp, we will respond as soon as possible!


We wish you a wonderful and relaxing vacation!

Doris Meusburger

and her team